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NEW-Special Tooling


Since 1984 we have been designing and producing workholding solutions for specialty products. Becoming the standard for the aluminum wheel manufacturing industry has truly given us a unique perspective and understanding of the pressures to increase manufacturing through put. The increasing competitive need for greater speeds, reliability. weight reduction, and modular composition, have all become an integral part of our product evolution.

Developing our products to meet these demands has enabled us to take full advantage of this experience to further expand our "pull back' specialty check designers to address other diverse product lines.

Our specialty chucks have been produced to address a wide range of parts, from turbocharger housings, pistons, steering/suspension parts, transmission housings, gears and gear cases, to oil and water pumps, and brake drums. Advantages to our specialty chuck designs typically feature our renowned weight reduction, rugged modular design and reliability while providing dramatic increases in speed and feed rates with faster set up, change over, load and unload times resulting in increased through put.

We've put this site together so you can quickly view just who we are, what we do, and what we have to offer you in products and services. We're available for your next workholding solution.

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